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Airo Antivirus for Mac Review

This is an article exploring the product, Airo Antivirus for Mac, and the company behind its manufacture. This Airo Antivirus for Mac review will explain what the software is, why we need it, its key features, how to install it, how it works, compatibility with different devices, its pricing and plans, as well as what makes it different to other Mac antiviruses in the market.

The article will conclude by providing a quick overview of the company’s website in order to ease navigation of the site for all visitors.

What is Airo Antivirus?

airo antivirus for mac couponThe AIRO Antivirus is the only Antivirus software that is exclusively for Mac devices. It is an all inclusive security software designed purposefully and solely to protect devices that run on the MacOS.

Its main purpose is to provide exhaustive malware and virus protection for Mac devices. It succeeds at this by using highly advanced and effective antivirus technology that includes one of the most sophisticated risk/threat detection and removal engine current being used on the market.

The software also boasts of the use of improved AI technology, as well as real time scans of the device every minute of every day to ensure that your device has been protected.

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Why We Need Airo Antivirus?

If you are a Mac user, then you need an Antivirus software that is specifically suited to protect your device from both online and offline threats. That is because there are viruses and malware that are specifically designed to target Mac devices, and these prove very difficult to neutralize using ordinary antivirus software.

The Airo Antivirus is your best bet at protecting your Mac devices from being infiltrated by these harmful elements.

It comes with advanced threat detection and removal technology, as well as capitalizes on the use of AI technology to help protect your device even further. What’s more, it comes with real time, 24/7 scanning feature that ensures your system is always protected, and threats are neutralized immediately they attempt to attack your system.

Key Features

airo antivirus for mac review

The key features of the AIRO Antivirus for Mac include;

  • Highly advanced AI technology

As mentioned above, Airo utilizes the latest tech when it comes to artificial intelligence, giving it the ability to improve its self-learning feature without any interruption to your user experience. With self learning, this Antivirus software is able to analyse emerging threat behavior, and add new threats to its library automatically without any intervention from the company or by you.

  • Privacy Protection

This software is also adept at protecting the privacy of your information and activities from any third party that may wish to get access to such details. It does this by giving you full control over all the relevant settings including privacy, data, and system settings.

With this software, scammers will be unable to gain access to any of your personal and sensitive data stored on your Mac device, whenever you are banking, shopping, or just simply browsing online.

  • Real Time Protection

Airo provides your Mac system with real time protection by scanning it every minute of the day. This ensures that malware access attempts are caught immediately they occur, and are stopped from ever gaining entry into your system.

You will receive comprehensive protection against malware, viruses, ransomware, and spyware that are MacOS specific.

  • Multiple Mac Protection

Another impressive feature of the Airo Antivirus is that it had the capability of protecting more than one Mac device with a single subscription. For instance, the Pro Suite, and Family Suite subscription plans offer protection for 3 and 5 Macs respectively.

  • One Click Quick Scan

With just one click, you are able to run a quick scan of your device using this software. You can carry out as many quick scans as you would like in a day, and at any time of your choosing.

  • Folder Scan

The software gives you the option of scanning one particular folder for any possible threat with just a single click of a button.

  • Full System Scan

You can initiate a comprehensive full system scan of your Mac device at any time of your choosing, again by the click of a single button. Please note that this scan can take up to several hours owing to its comprehensive nature.

  • Automatically Updates

When subscribed, you will receive automatic updates to the software immediately they are released.

How To Install Airo Antivirus for Mac?

Purchase your preferred plan using the payment method that is most convenient for you. Once successful, you will receive download and installation instructions in an email that also confirms your purchase. Follow the steps provided for successful installation.

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How Airo Antivirus for Mac Works

The Airo Antivirus works by neutralizing ransomware, malware, viruses amongst other threats that are specifically meant to infect devices that run on MacOS. The software stops the threat before they have a chance of infiltrating the Mac system.


The AIRO Antivirus is compatible with all Apple devices including the Mac Mini, the iMac, the MacBook, the Mac Pro, the MacBook Air, the iMac Pro, as well as the MacBook Pro.

Pricing and Plans

The Airo Single Suite is the most basic plan, protecting one Mac device for a year. This plan costs $49.99 annually, which is approximately $4.1 monthly.

The Airo Pro Suite plan adequately protects 3 Macs for a year, and it will cost customers, $69.99 annually. This is around $ 5.8 per month.

Finally, we have the Airo Family Suite that is designed to protect up to 5 Macs every year at the cost of $89.99 annually. Monthly, this is approximately $7.4 per month.

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What Makes Airo Antivirus Different to Other Antivirus for Mac Software?

It utilizes the latest in self-learning technology, as well as provides real time, round the clock protection.

You will also receive a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the software after a month.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

airoav review

Their official website ( is fairly simple which allows for quick and effortless navigation of the website even for first time visitors to the site.

Order and Payment

Order and payment is done on the website. Simply select your preferred plan, and you will be redirected to the checkout page. Here, you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment details as well as choose your preferred payment method. Authorize the payment, and if successful, you will receive an email confirming your purchase along with the download and installation instructions.

Customer Service

The website has a comprehensive ‘Contact Us’ page where you can find all of the relevant contact details that you can use to get in touch with the company directly.

Online Support

You can use the company’s social media handles to get in direct contact with the company online.

Airo Antivirus for Mac Review – Is Airo Antivirus for Mac Legit?

Yes, Airo Antivirus is a legitimate protection software for Mac.

Pros and Cons

Its main pro is that it comes with highly advanced self-learning technology. The main con might be limited choices in browser extension.

How to Buy Airo Antivirus for Mac?

Simply visit the website, select the product, and you will be redirected to the checkout page. Fill in all the details required including your preferred payment method. Authorize payment for the product from this method, and if successful, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and giving you further details on the download and installation of the software.

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Airo antivirus coupon code Airoav Coupon Code:

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