STOPzilla AntiVirus Coupon

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Latest STOPzilla AntiVirus Coupon Code:

Special STOPzilla AntiVirus Coupon Code

Save 10% OFF on STOPzilla AntiVirus. Stop threats to your PCs and laptops.

Special STOPzilla AntiVirus Coupon Code

Save 10% OFF on STOPzilla AntiVirus. Stop threats to your PCs and laptops.

How to Redeem STOPzilla AntiVirus Coupon Code?

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A Quick STOPzilla AntiVirus Review

What is STOPzilla AntiVirus?

STOPzilla AntiVirus is is a highly advanced security software that offers exceptional protection against malicious malware to home or corporate users. It is developed in the USA and provides great protection to any computing device against undesired malicious programs that are intended to harm its software or hardware. There are many features in the new version that provide all the protection to users that they need against key loggers, malware, rootkits, and viruses. The latest version of STOPzilla AntiVirus is, so far, your best option that caters to all your needs for security over the internet.

Pros & Cons of STOPzilla AntiVirus

STOPzilla AntiVirus CouponPros

  • STOPzilla offers quick and easy scanning.
  • It also offers protection from phishing as well as unwanted pop-ups.
  • STOPzilla users are offered 24/7 customer support through e-mail, chat and telephone.


  • System cleanup is not comprehensive which allows a few Trojan horses to pass through the protective net.
  • Phishing protection is not as effective when compared to the built-in systems of Firefox and IE.

What’s New in This STOPzilla AntiVirus Version?

Below, you will find some of the latest features offered by STOPzilla in this new version:

  1. Active Protection
    STOPzilla AntiVirus seeks malware and viruses in real-time before it saves itself on your drive. The detection is much faster than the previous versions and offers the best possible protection against undesirable programs.
  2. Enforcer Settings
    This feature of STOPzilla keeps the user updated about the threats over the internet that have been detected recently. The automatic updates offer the latest protection against all of these threats.
  3. Threat-Removal
    STOPzilla is able to remove all the threats in a swift and efficient manner. The scans are quick, smart and through. Active protection is also a great feature when it comes to threat removal.
  4. Deep Scanning
    STOPzilla has one of the most comprehensive databases of malware and viruses over the internet. It carries out deep and extensive scanning of files and eliminates whatever threats may be lingering in the shadows. It is able to detect and remove several threats that other similar products in the industry are unable to find.
  5. Hardening Application
    There are several malware and viruses that are designed in such a way that they are able to interfere with the working of the antivirus itself. STOPzilla is created in such a manner that it stops any such interference with its operation and provides comprehensive protective solutions.

Key Features of STOPzilla AntiVirus

  • Easy and extensive scanning – With the help of STOPzilla, users can scan their files for malware in a very easy and efficient manner. The product is able to carry out scans with the help of its comprehensive database
  • Efficient threat removal – STOPzilla takes minimal time to scan the threat, identify it and remove it without slowing down your computer.
  • Easy to use — Users with very basic knowledge of the computers can easily use this product with the help of its user friendly interface.
  • Internet security – STOPzilla ensures that the browsing history of the user is removed along with cookies in order to offer the best privacy solution available.

Installation and Setup

The installation process is very simple and takes very little time. The product can be downloaded from the following site:

Once the file is downloaded, the user can install the product by following the instruction of the installation wizard and provide the activation key provided in the order confirmation email. Once the product is activated, the user can start reaping the benefits of this great product

How Does STOPzilla AntiVirus Work?

If you are willing to buy this product, you must visit the official website, where you will find different packages. Choose the one that suits your needs and them select the most appropriate billing option. You will be required to download the product and then install it on your personal computer. The instructions for each and every step of the installation are provided during setup by the installation wizard.

Security Performance

STOPzilla AntiVirus Discount

STOPzilla works great against mild malware due to its cutting-edge AntiMalware technology. It also gets rid of all adware, rogue utilities and most of the spyware so that the user can surf the internet without any problems. The product also offers great speed as the standard cleaning time offered by STOPzilla is only about 10 to 12 minutes.


STOPzilla Antivirus is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 Operating systems.

Ease of Use

The STOPzilla Antivirus comes with a user-friendly interface. It offers three kinds of scan as per the preferences of the users. These are as follows:

  • Complete Scan
  • Intelligent Scan
  • Quick Scan

The user may also choose the custom scan option; however, the predefined choices are usually enough for most people to carry out their desired scan. The user can choose one type of scan to be carried out at any interval of time.

Help and Support

STOPzilla customers are offered 24 hours support through live chats, email, and phone.

Why Should I Choose This Antivirus Over The Rest?

STOPzilla AntiVirus is the most comprehensive security solution that you can get over the internet. It has been tested by several professionals and awarded great ratings by Checkmark Anti-Virus Desktop and West Coast Labs. Moreover, STOPzilla also offers 24/7 customer services to all its clients through phone, email and chat unlike other security software of various companies which have limited support channels.

Overall, STOPzilla AntiVirus is a great security solution not only for individuals but also for businesses and organizations. The latest features added in the product have rendered it a must-have for anyone who uses the internet and really cares about his privacy and security. With outstanding set of features, free technical support and reasonable price, this software is a must have for computer protection.

Check this video to know why you need STOPzilla AntiVirus:

How to Buy STOPzilla AntiVirus?

A prospective buyer needs to visit the official website “” and click on the thumbnail picture of the software. After that, he simply has to select the service duration, click on the “Buy Now” tab and provide the necessary details to purchase the product.

Special STOPzilla AntiVirus Promo Code:

Now, you can buy STOPzilla AntiVirus for a discount of 10%. To get this discount, simply choose STOPzilla AntiVirus and enter our STOPzilla AntiVirus coupon code to buy the software for a low price.

Special STOPzilla AntiVirus Promo Code

Save 10% OFF on STOPzilla AntiVirus. Stop threats to your laptops and PCs.

Special STOPzilla AntiVirus Promo Code

Save 10% OFF on STOPzilla AntiVirus. Stop threats to your laptops and PCs.

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