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An In-depth Review of DefenceByte Software

The following is a comprehensive review of the software company, DefenceByte. The article will explain to readers who the company is, why it is a market leader, and why one should choose its products. In addition, the article will offer a detailed overview of the company’s most prolific products, as well as provide details on the compatibility of the company’s software with other systems and programs.

From this DefenceByte review, readers will also be able to get information in regards to the different prices and plans available for the software, as well as the features of the software that make it different from similar products in the market.

Who Are They?

defencebyte coupon codeDefenceByte is an online company that deals with the production and sale of system protection software. Such software includes the likes of anti-ransomware, antivirus, computer optimizers, antimalware, as well as privacy shields.

You are guaranteed of safe Internet browsing experiences immediately you begin using DefenceByte software in your computer.

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Why I Should Choose DefenceByte?

You should choose DefenceByte because of its inherent benefits to clients from around the world. The company has in-depth knowledge of all the latest developments in the world of online security. With this information, the company is able to create the most advanced software that can combat even the most sophisticated online security threats.

When using DefenceByte software, you are guaranteed of optimum security for your computer and networks every time you interact with the digital environment. The company’s products are efficient at scanning for, detecting, and uprooting any hidden malware within your system, protecting your computer from any type of online security threat, and troubleshooting and fixing any security errors in your system.

Furthermore, the use of the company’s products helps to protect your identity online, and also to optimize the speed of your PC.

Other advantages of using the company’s products is that they are easy to install in compatible systems, and they give you the flexibility you need when it comes to scheduling scans.

Best Selling Products at

The following section will outline the best selling products available at From this, the reader will gain a clearer understanding of the features that make these products unique, and why they should purchase them.

  1. DefenceByte Anti-Ransomware

DefenceByte Anti Ransomware coupon

With this powerful anti malware software, you can secure your computer from every imaginable ransomware, both current, and those that are being developed.

Set-up and installation of the software is quite simple, it is compact, allows for flexible scheduling, protects both devices and networks, and deep scans your computer for any hidden ransomware.

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  1. DefenceByte Computer Optimizer

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The DefenceByte Computer Optimizer is the ultimate tool when it comes to optimizing PC performance. It cleans the computer’s entire registry, getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary files, software, and settings, while at the same time identifying and fixing any glitches in the registry. All of these guarantee that the computer is able to function much faster.

Hence, with this software you are guaranteed that all invalid paths are removed from the registry, as well as useless add/remove programs, unusable file extensions, and incorrect shared DLLs.

Furthermore, it blocks access to unwanted URLs, and comes with the systemized scan scheduling feature.

In order to install this prolific registry cleaner, you will require minimum disk space of 500MB, 128MB of RAM, and a Pentium 233MH CPU.

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  1. DefenceByte Privacy Shield

DefenceByte Privacy Shield discount code

The Privacy Shield from DefenceByte is designed to protect your privacy and the security of all of your information whether you are online or offline. The software is capable of doing this by deleting your entire web browsing history, as well as any chats that have been archived in your system.

Furthermore, the software instinctively clears any records of your tracked activities to ensure that malicious programs are incapable of tracking your activities online.

The files within your computer are also kept safe and secure from being accessed by third parties because this software cleans your PC’s file history. Without access to this file history, unauthorized third parties will not be able to retrieve any kind of file from your system.

The Privacy Shield supports all of the popular Internet browsers, and is compatible with chat and IM records.

Other important features of the Privacy Shield include a file shredder that destroys sensitive files immediately you are done viewing them, a software trace cleaner, a password protector, as well as possessing anti-virus features.

To install this software into your system, you will need to have a minimum free disk space of 400MB, a RAM of 1GB in the case of 32 bit or 2GB in the case of 64 bit.

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All of the DefenceByte Software described above are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Pricing and Plans

Price for protecting and optimizing one computer

If you are planning to secure just one computer, then here is the price breakdown of the three DefenceByte software products discussed above:

  • DefenceByte Anti-Ransomware – $64.95
  • DefenceByte Computer Optimizer – $ 54.95
  • and DefenceByte Privacy Shield – $ 54.95

Price for protecting and optimizing three computers

If you are planning to secure and optimize up to three computers, the following is the price breakdown for the company’s software products.

  • DefenceByte Anti ransomware – $114.95
  • DefenceByte Computer Optimizer – $104.95
  • and DefenceByte Privacy Shield – $ 104.95

Price for protecting and optimizing five computers

If you intend to secure and optimize up to five computers, then the prices of the products will be as follows:

  • DefenceByte Anti Ransomware – $ 154.95
  • DefenceByte Computer Optimizer – $ 144.95
  • and DefenceByte Privacy Shield – $ 144.95

What Makes DefenceByte different to other Security Software?

DefenceByte is different to other security software available in the market because these products are designed using superbly advanced technology that guarantees the safety of your system, your files, as well as your identity.

The products go beyond the ordinary anti-virus protection by offering you so much more including PC optimization, registry cleaning, deep scanning, and uprooting of heavily concealed threats.

The company’s software is also quite affordable, and everyone looking to use the products can find a price plan that is simply perfect for them.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

defencebyte review

The website layout ( is simple making it easy to navigate and move from one page to the next. All of the relevant links as well as pertinent information about the company and its offerings can easily be found on the website’s homepage.

Shopping Processing

All shopping of the company’s products is conducted on the website. Each product has its own unique page where customers can find details pertaining to the features and advantages of the specific product.

Order and Payment

Ordering and payment is also done on the website. Simply select the product/products you wish to purchase, checkout, and pay using your preferred payment method.

Customer Service

The website has a dedicated customer service page where you can find all of the company’s current contact details.

Finally, Should I Buy DefenceByte Software?

You should definitely purchase DefenceByte Software if you are looking to protect your computer from malicious third parties online. In addition, the software is capable of optimizing your system for smoother, and much more secure operations.

How to Order DefenceByte Software?

Simply visit the website, and purchase your preferred plan using the payment method that you are most comfortable with. You will receive an email from the company confirming your successful purchase, and providing with the necessary download details. Hurry, and order DefenceByte software now in order to take advantage of the 30% discount in the ongoing promotion with our Defence Byte coupon code below.

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How to Redeem DefenceByte Coupon Code?

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