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How to Redeem Webroot Coupon Codes?

With so much inflation, prices of commodities are going sky high and every individual, these days, seeks some relief in prices to save some money. Webroot is giving you such an opportunity, as it is offering its security products for a discounted price. To buy your favorite security software and get 50% off of tagged price, simply select the software and click on the Webroot.com Coupon Code to redeem the discount automatically.

Webroot coupon code

Who Are They?

Webroot couponWebroot is a famous software company that provides antivirus and internet security solutions to corporate and home users. The Broomfield based company was founded by Steven Thomas in 1997, when it launched its first product by the name Webroot Window Washer (trace removal agent). Since then, the company has introduced numerous software programs and is currently famous for its internet security and antivirus software programs.

The official website of Webroot is “http://www.webroot.com/” which offers three security solutions, namely, Internet Security for Home, Business Security Solutions and Threat Intelligence. These computer and mobile security programs offer supreme protection against viruses, worms, phishing, and hackers as well as provide online security to safeguard the identity, data and personal accounts of the user.

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Awards and Recognitions

Since its start, Webroot SecureAnywhere has gained numerous awards due to the outstanding protection capability and performance of its software programs. The certification that every security software company likes to have is the AV-Comparatives certification, which Webroot software programs have achieved since 2013 consecutively in the areas of performance and protection.

PCMAG has also awarded Webroot 12 times with their Editor’s Choice Awards and Product of the Year award.

Due to the advanced technology for detecting malware programs, Radicati Group (technology research firm) has identified Webroot its highest award “Trail Blazer”.

Due to the highest score in the areas of scan time and system usage, PassMark Software recognized Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus and Endpoint protection as the best performers as compared to other products.

What is Webroot.com Selling?

As stated earlier, Webroot offers three basic security services to home and business users. The details about these security solutions are as follows:

  1. Internet Security for Home

It offers advanced protection against malicious malware and safeguards the identity, data, and online accounts of the user by blocking harmful websites and hacking programs. Available for home users, it offers speedy scans to detect and remove viruses, spyware, worms as well as offers 25GB of online storage for safekeeping of vital data of the user.

  1. Business Security Solutions

Designed to provide the best possible security solutions to the corporate community, Webroot security solutions protect Windows and Mac computers along with mobile devices against malicious malware to give the peace of mind to users while browsing the internet and performing the day-to-day tasks.

  1. Threat Intelligence

Webroot BrighCloud Threat Intelligence offers cybersecurity to identify advanced threats and attacks and prevent them from infecting the user’s devices. The security software scans the internet continuously and detects latest malware in real-time to stop it from defecting the user’s device proactively.

Why Should I Choose It Over Other Antivirus?

As Webroot Security programs have got high scores in AV-Comparatives test in various areas and gained its certification, these software programs are ranked among the top ten best security solutions currently. Other than that, the security programs have advanced tools and assistance of the latest behavior based detection system to detect and prevent any malicious malware proactively. The Antivirus and Internet Security Complete offer fast scan speed and take lesser disk space as compared to other security programs. All of these features give Webroot Security solutions an edge over other competitors.

All things considered, Webroot security software programs are reliable solutions to protect any computer and mobile devices against malicious malware. With fast performance, high-end protection and affordable price; Webroot security solutions are a must have for corporate and home users both.

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Save Up to 50% Off Webroot SecureAnywhere Software!

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