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Best BullGuard Promotional Code

BullGuard coupon codeBullGuard Special Offer:

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How to Redeem BullGuard Coupon Code?

Taking advantage of discount offers always helps in saving money. We have a great BullGuard discount deal just for you, so that you can save money while buying a Bullguard software. Simply choose a suitable Bullguard product and click on BullGuard promotional code to redeem the discount automatically.

BullGuard Promotional Code

Who is BullGuard?

BullGuard Promo CodeBullGuard is a famous software security company, designed to counter viruses and malware activity that may corrupt devices and secure user identity and data in such a way that hackers may not have any unauthorized access to it. It was founded by Morten Lund in 2002, and since then it has quickly developed to become one of the most successful internet and mobile security brands in the anti-virus industry.

For many years, BullGuard has strived to stay one step ahead of computer hackers and produce advanced, easy to use technology that protects users while they are accessing their internet, and has developed many software programs and applications which secure user identity and prevent it from unauthorized access.

All of BullGuard’s internet software programs have received certifications from ICSA labs, which tests and retests products to ensure they meet customer standards, and all of these experiments have claimed positive results for their anti-virus/malware detection, safe-file filtering, firewall and web-protection tools that prove it to be an outstanding security package. If the consumer wishes to purchase one of their products, they must visit the website: http://www.BullGuard.com/

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Awards and Recognitions

Since its launch, BullGuard has gained credibility among numerous critics around the world for its premium technology, effective data protection and outstanding 24/7 consumer service; all of these factors have assisted the company to receive numerous awards in the past years. The company has received awards like Best Buy from Computer Buyer, Performance Award from PC Plus and Buy It! from Computer Active. PC Utilities has recognized BullGuard security solutions as quite impressive due to their easy to use interface, a range of security features and reasonable price. Best Buy Award 2012 critiqued about BullGuard that “overall, this is an excellent package, easy to use and a very worthy Best Buy.”

What Are They Selling at Bullguard.com?

Check this video for more information on what’s new on BullGuard 2018 Edition:

BullGuard offers five types of security products, the brief details about them are as follows:

  1. BullGuard Internet Security

    BullGuard Internet Security is an internet security suite that provides supreme protection against malware. It automatically scans the computer to keep it virus free without slowing down the system’s performance.

  2. BullGuard Premium Protection

    BullGuard Premium Protection is an advanced security solution that offers a range of protection tools to protect user identity and data. The software includes a parental control feature to keep online activities of children in check, antivirus for superior protection against viruses, PC tune-up tool for enhancing system performance, and much more to offer the best possible security software to customers.

  3. BullGuard Antivirus

    This software is a standard antivirus solution which offers multi layered protection to detect the latest viruses, anti spam protection for stop spam emails and safe browsing feature to stop phishing attacks and block malicious websites.

  4. BullGuard Identity Theft Protection

    BullGuard Identity Theft Protection offers personal and financial online protection to safeguard user’s data and account information from getting into the wrong hands. The software provides social media protection to monitor children’s profiles for keeping an eye on their social activity as well as offers Web-based services for easy access from any internet connected device.

  5. BullGuard Mobile Security

    Ideal for mobile users, who want complete protection against malware and spyware. This software includes an Antivirus, Antitheft tool and Backup option to offer the best possible mobile security service to its users.

Bottom Line

BullGuard is considered as a reliable solution against viruses and phishing attacks to protect devices and prevent data from having unauthorized access. It has received certifications from AV Test, VB100 and was among the top ten reviews of Gold Award 2013 and Excellence Award 2013, and has also received favorable critics from other magazines such as PC Utilities which claimed that “Overall BullGuard is quite impressive. We like the clean interface and it’s a comprehensive offering without being loaded with features you’ll never use. It’s competitively priced against the competition too, and, crucially, scores well in independent tests.”

Special BullGuard Discount Code

Now, you can purchase your favorite BullGuard product for a discount up to 60% off. Simply select the required product and enter BullGuard coupon code while checking out of website to buy the software for an economical price.

BullGuard coupon codeBullGuard Special Offer:

Save Up to 60% OFF on all BullGuard Security products at BullGuard.com!

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(Best BullGuard Promotional Code)

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