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iKeyMonitor Review – Best iPhone & Android Monitoring Software for Parents

The following is a comprehensive review of the company, iKeyMonitor to enable potential customers gain essential insight into the company. This iKeymonitor review will focus on what the company is, what it does, its main product offerings, as well as the key features of the main product. The article will also entail the detectability of the iKeyMonitor software, its compatibility, as well as the pricing and plans.

The article will finish with a brief summary of the company’s website in order to enable potential clients to navigate this website easily and effectively.

What is iKeyMonitor?

ikeymonitor reviewIKeyMonitor is a monitoring app for Android and iPhone devices that can be used as a parental control and monitoring application. With this parental control software, you can be able to monitor your child’s activities on their iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. This monitoring ensures that you know what your kids are up to on their phones, ensuring that they are safe, and are not exposing themselves to risks especially over the Internet.

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Why We Need iKeyMonitor App?

We need iKeyMonitor in order to protect our children from the numerous risks associated with their use of mobile devices. This is especially the case when it comes to children accessing the Internet using their mobile devices. The internet is full of predators looking for vulnerable children as well as a lot of bad influence that can turn your child into a bad egg.

If you want to protect your children from all of these dangers, then you need to know what they are up to on their mobile devices. You can achieve this by monitoring their device use remotely, and the best monitoring software in the market for this is the iKeyMonitor.

Key Features:

Some of the key features of the iKeyMonitor include:

  • Records all inputted text

If you want to know the passwords of all of your child’s email and social media platforms, then the iKeyMonitor should be your preferred monitoring application. The app records all inputted text including keystrokes, which enables you to see the relevant passwords. In addition, you can be able to see all the text that your child inputs over social media as well as over short messaging services.

  • Records surrounding areas

This feature enables you to listen to what is going on in the area where your child is. This remote feature is essential because it can help you deduce when your child is in trouble, or is in a risky environment. You can use this information to take the necessary steps to protect your child.

  • Supports numerous languages

The keystrokes on your child’s phone are recorded using your native language. This means that regardless of the language that you use or the country you are from, you can trust the application to present information to you in the language that you understand best.

  • Excellent tracking features

With iKeyMonitor, you can be able to track and monitor call history logs, websites visited, exact GPS location, SMSs, videos recorded, voice messages, as well as pictures and photos.

  • Phone Control Features

The app can also allow you to control your child’s phone remotely. Such control features include being able to limit the screen time, as well as the capability to block certain apps from being accessible on your child’s phone.

How to Install iKeyMonitor?

Simply purchase the app, and once the payment goes through, you will be able to download it on to the target device. Once downloaded, the installation process will begin and commence until completion. You can then begin using the app. Watch this video to how easy to install iKeyMonitor on Android smartphone:

How iKeyMonitor Works

The app works by remotely monitoring all of the activities undertaken within the smart device that is being targeted. Hence, you will have access to every text, call, contact, note, photo, voice message, every password, as well as everything the user does or sees on social media. In addition, you will have a log of all of the websites that the user visits using the device, and their exact location details at all times.

Is iKeyMonitor detectable?

iKeyMonitor is not detectable on the target phone as it runs solely in the background. The user will never be able to trace the app, and you can be sure that the target user will not see app-related pop-ups.


The software is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

Pricing and Plans

The iKeyMonitor app can be purchased for only 49.99 dollars per month. You can also choose to purchase it on an annual basis. If you do this, you will be eligible to receive a 50% discount on your purchase. This version is compatible with Android, iPads, and iPhones.

However, there is also another version of the application that is compatible with Windows and Mac. This version is known as the EaseMon, and it will cost you 29.99 dollars per month. Remember, if you choose to pay yearly, you will be considered for a hefty discount of up to 50% on your purchase.

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What Makes iKeyMonitor Different to Other Parental Control Software?

Unlike other monitoring apps that are susceptible to instability and disruptions, the iKeyMonitor is designed with reliability as one of the main priorities. The creators of the app have had 10 years experience in the business, and with this comes crucial expertise that was used to develop a reliable and sustainable application.

In addition, the fact that the application is able to record all of inputted text also sets it apart from the other apps in the market. With this app, you can be assured that all of the inputted text and keystrokes are recorded whether they are inputted during short text messaging, logging into emails and social media platforms, and communication over these platforms.

Quick ikeymonitor.com Reviews

Website Layout

ikeymonitor.com reviews

Their official website (https://ikeymonitor.com/) is fairly easy to use because of its simple layout. Even Internet novices will have an easy time navigating this website.

Order and Payment

You pay for the app on the website in order to be able to download it. Once you have completed the payment, the download and installation processes commence.

Customer Service

The website has a comprehensive support section that has a few sub-sections that would prove highly useful to you if you have a question. These sub-sections include the FAQ page, a blog, as well as a knowledge base. With resources at hand, you can be sure that you will find the answers that you are looking for.

You can also get in touch with the company directly by emailing or phoning the customer care representatives using the contact details provided on the website.

Online Support

The company provides live chat support on its website. With this feature, you can get assistance in matters relating to jailbreaking for iPhone and iPad, as well as the installation and configuration of the company app.

iKeyMonitor Review – Is iKeyMonitor App Legit?

Yes, iKeyMonitor is a legitimate parental control and monitoring software that is trusted by millions of people

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Should I Buy iKeyMonitor App?

Yes, you should buy this product if you are looking to have the best parental control software in the market. Buy now and be eligible for a promotion of up to 50% OFF with our special iKeyMonitor coupon code below.

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